What Does An Arborist Do? Why Hire A Certified Arborist?

What Does an Arborist Do: Everything You Need to Know

what does an arborist do

Are there any sick or unsightly trees looming around your property? It’s time to call an arborist! That may be an unfamiliar term to some. But what does an arborist do?

To answer that question, read this guide by the experts at the most reliable tree service in Cape Coral. Below you will find everything you need to know about arborists and how they can improve the quality of your yard.

A Professional Tree Doctor

An arborist is a professional service technician who specializes in woody plant life. Their duties involve the ongoing maintenance and care of trees. Arborists have spent much of their careers studying the science of healthy tree growth, so they are also experts at healing and saving trees from damage and disease.

Arborists know how to properly diagnose a tree and plan for its treatment and survival. It is no wonder this professional is known as a “tree doctor.”

A professional arborist will be able to identify specific damage and decay on the plant. Arborists offer solutions to ensure the tree is either saved or does not negatively impact other plant life or property around it.

Tree Services that Arborists Provide

Servicing a tree could mean a number of different things.

For some saplings, servicing may only involve methods that encourage healthy growth and protection from harmful elements. Larger trees with years of damage may need a professional arborist to spend more effort trimming and treating rot.

If you are still asking yourself, “what does an arborist do?” here are some of the many specific services they provide:


You have to begin somewhere! Properly planting a tree can mean the difference between a short or long life. An arborist specializes in the scientific nuances of growing a healthy tree regardless of the species or region.

The first days and weeks of a tree’s life are critical. Hiring an arborist to plant will save you money and keep your yard beautiful.

Bracing and Pruning

Bracing and pruning are strategies to ensure that a tree grows with a healthy posture and does not create strain on itself or other plants nearby. Bracing means propping the tree up on supports, and pruning involves trimming diseased, malformed, or overgrown branches.

Hiring a tree doctor for this service frees up your time and energy so you can focus on other outdoor tasks.

Maintenance and Removal

Arborists work hard to ensure that a tree receives the proper maintenance it needs. The age of a tree dramatically determines how much attention it requires. Regularly applying methods to keep pests, rot, and damage off the trunk will lead to healthy tree growth.

You should remove trees that are dying or creating other problems in their environment. An arborist is well equipped for this job and can safely remove the tree and prevent further destruction.

Contact a Certified Arborist

Many home and business owners have used this information to hire professionals to care for plants around their property. If you live in or near the Fort Myers area, technicians at Island Tree Service are ready to work!

So, what does an arborist do? We help people like you!

Proper tree care begins with the right tools. Our crew provides you with the safest and most advanced technology needed to care for your trees. We have attended and removed thousands of trees from many species.

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