How To Maintain Your Irrigation System In Cape Coral, FL

How to Maintain Your Irrigation System in Cape Coral, FL

Irrigation systems are essential for proper landscape and lawn maintenance. You will conserve water while saving money on your utility bills if your irrigation system is well maintained. Also, it is cheaper than buying a new irrigation system after a few months or years instead of conducting the proper repair.

You will avoid having unhealthy plants due to uneven distribution of water. A Poorly maintained irrigation system will not function correctly; it may cause overwatering, which then leads to an increase in pests and weeds as well as causing water wastage.

Signs that show you need irrigation repair services include;

  • The water stream that is coming out of the system is uneven.
  • The system is not turning on or off in the proper manner.
  • The pressure is low
  • The sprinkler heads are broken or missing.
  • The sprinklers are not functioning properly, and the pipes are clogged or leaking.

To properly maintain your irrigation system, you should consider hiring professionals since they have the knowledge and experience in the industry. Below are ways you can maintain your irrigation system:

Adjust The Sprinkler Heads To Ensure That They Are At The Right Angles

When checking whether the sprinkler head is broken, ensure that you also check whether they are in the required position. For example, the heads can be tilted, which will cause them to sprinkle more water in one direction. You should always check on it to maintain your irrigation system.

Check Whether There Is Any Missing Or Broken Sprinkler Heads

You should always ensure that you inspect your sprinkler system. Sometimes the sprinkler heads could be missing or broken, leading to poor water distribution in your lawn, resulting in dry spots and wet spots.

Your plants will get damaged if your lawn has wet spots, contributing to overwatering. In addition, when plants are overwatered, the roots’ ability to distribute oxygen becomes difficult. Sprinkler repair is necessary to avoid such scenarios.

Change Control Timers To Meet The Needs Of Your Seasonal Plants

Plants are unique, not all will have the same watering needs. Some plants’ watering needs vary with seasons. Knowing your plants well and how often they need water is wise.

For instance, plants need more water during hot weather than in a cooler season. Therefore, you must adjust the timers of your irrigation systems depending on the seasons.

Change Your Sprinkler Timer To Cycle And Soak If Your Sprinkler Is In The Slope

If you’ve set your sprinkler on the slope, it will take longer for water to infiltrate deep into the soil where your plant’s roots are located. Therefore, you need to adjust the time by observing your plants and the time they take to absorb water to avoid the wastage of water and overwatering your plants.  


Calibrating will help you know the amount of water sprinkled by your system in a given time. This is the best way to avoid over-watering and under-watering your lawn

Flush The System

Before you use the sprinkler systems, ensure that you flush them. The need for flushing is to ensure that you get rid of all the debris that can easily breach the system and cause clogging on the nozzles.

Another thing that can clog the nozzle is contaminated water. You need to ensure that the water entering the irrigation systems is filtered by placing screens on the sprinkler heads to help with filtration.

Inspect The Sprinkler system Regularly

Ensure that you do a regular check-up on your systems every season. The check-up should begin before starting to use it. The next check-up should be done when the season is halfway.

When checking up on your systems, ensure the controller is well-fixed and properly functioning. Also, the wires and the sensors should be fixed correctly, ensure that the schedule matches the season’s needs, check the battery if it’s still effective, and replace it if it’s not.

Check The Water Pressure Regularly

When doing the inspection, you should also check the pressure. Changes in pressure can affect the efficiency of your irrigation system negatively. To avoid this problem, ensure that you adjust the pressure.

Install A Rain Shutoff Switch

The switch will help you close the system when there are heavy rains. This will save you water and money since the rain is acting on behalf of your sprinkler system. This will help you conserve water and ensure wastage is minimal.

irrigation maintainance and repair

Seek Professional Help For Irrigation Maintenance And Repair

The professionals offer excellent irrigation services since they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry.

They will help inspect the system for leaks and offer proper irrigation maintenance and repair. They will also have your system audited and make the required adjustments to avoid uneven watering of your lawn.

The irrigation specialists will help you in winterizing during colder seasons. They have the right equipment to help flush out contaminated and freezing water to prevent it from cracking the irrigation systems. They also have other specialized equipment to help with irrigation repairs, like broken pipes and heads.

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