CODIT Tree Care | Compartmentalization Of Decay In Trees

What You Need to Know About CODIT Tree Care

codit tree care

Unless you’re an arborist, the term CODIT tree care probably means little to you. However, the concept is crucial to your certified arborist in Fort Myers, Florida, so it’s worth learning more about. Below, the Island Tree Service team explains everything you need to know about CODIT tree care.

What Does CODIT Mean? 

CODIT is the acronym for Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees. The concept deals with minimizing the spread of disease to protect healthy tissue with timely tree treatments and trimming. 

Why Employ These Techniques?

CODIT tree care actively halts the spread of decay, improves the tree’s vitality, and prevents the tree from dying. By removing the rotting sections, you also remove a source of food and shelter for pests. 

Reduces the Chance of Disease

The rotten areas open the way for disease, as do any inopportune cuts or wounds in the flesh. This technique focuses on proper trimming methods that minimize the chance of illness. 

Enhances Safety

A damaged tree is dangerous. A branch weakened by disease or infestation can crash to the ground with a disastrous impact. The weight can severely injure someone standing underneath, crush personal property, or damage infrastructure.  

Improves Vitality

CODIT tree care removes weak limbs so the tree can focus on delivering nutrients to the healthy ones. It also ensures that the remaining branches receive enough light and air and can grow unimpeded. 

Reduces the Risk of Wildfires

Dead, dry wood burns exceptionally quickly. Youthful, wet wood smolders but is far less likely to burst into flame. Regularly trimming these limbs ensures that there is less kindling in the event of a wildfire. 

Creates an Aesthetically Pleasing Result

Part of why people trim trees is to achieve a pleasing shape. By enhancing the plant’s health, CODIT tree care creates a balanced, aesthetically-pleasing structure. 

It Helps You Conserve Energy

If the trees are near your home, pruning the right branches can allow more light into the house. Therefore, you don’t need to spend as much on heating and lighting inside. It’s also beneficial for your lawn and other garden areas. 

In addition, the lush vegetation provides ample shade during the warmer months, cooling your home’s interior. 

Better Curb Appeal

Most people love trees and appreciate seeing a lush, healthy specimen in their yard. While flower beds make the garden pretty, there’s nothing like a solid tree to make a house a home. It’s one of the few plants that will last for generations. 

It provides a focal point and adds interest to well-manicured lawns and flower beds. 

Getting CODIT Right

The proper technique will enhance your tree and keep it healthy for decades. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make mistakes when you don’t have the necessary expertise or experience. 

Beginners may inadvertently hurt their trees by: 

  • Trimming back too much
  • Cutting at the wrong angle
  • Being too aggressive
  • Using the wrong tools
  • Leaving open wounds that won’t heal

There are many things that can go wrong, which is why it’s best to rely on a certified arborist or experienced tree trimmer. 

Call on the Experts in Fort Myers, FL

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