Why Tree Placement Is Important & Strategic Tree Layout Tips

Why Strategic Tree Placement on Your Property Matters

tree placement

Tree placement is much more effective under the guidance of a reliable arborist in Fort Myers, Florida. For example, making stunning additions to your landscaping is easy with a team like Island Tree Service. These arborists have years of training and experience with this work, including exactly where to plant that next tree and how to make it thrive.

Below, the Island Tree Service team shares a few tips on how and where to place trees for the best results.

Strategic Placement is Essential for Trees to Thrive

The National Association of Realtors reports that residents and business owners who include trees in their landscaping plans may recover up to 267% of their project costs upon selling the property. That’s great news for market players, but many Island Tree Service customers just want to plant trees for shade and enjoyment. 

Trees boost our quality of life and provide valuable additions to the ecosystem. They make homes, apartment buildings, and malls more attractive. Plants and trees also benefit communities with the following:

  • Oxygen production
  • Noise absorption
  • Protection from sun and rain
  • Privacy screening and more

An Expert’s Criteria for Placing Trees

Where is the best place to put shrubs, shade trees, and fruit-bearing larger trees? Will they be reference trees to mark land portions? Will these trees assign aesthetic or historical value to the area? 

All these ideas are important considerations, which is why experts recommend strategic placement for each tree you plant. Trees in the correct place meet three basic criteria:

  • Maintaining, pruning, and planting the tree is a painless process
  • The spot provides the tree with sunlight, water, and soil nutrients without much assistance
  • The tree can fulfill its purpose on the property

Shade Tree Placement Relies on Location and Framing

The right spot will keep trees from taking down power lines as they grow. It will also stop the tree from upending street lamps and fences as its root system expands. If shade is the goal, frame the trees well at the right location and the correct distance apart.

Distance and Location

Shade trees are thick-barked and towering, creating impressive foliage and dropping large quantities of biodegradable waste during the fall. Artificial structures often won’t match the shade they provide,  as the leaves and branches cool the air beautifully on hot days. These trees typically do well in the southwest corner to shade entryways and skylights during late afternoons. 

Tree Framing

Tall trees frame multi-story buildings well but plant them at least 15 feet from any structure. Shorter trees make single-story bungalows appear bigger from the street, with high-branching species allowing people to see the front yard clearly. Backyard trees could be low-branching and leafy to give the house an attractive green backdrop.

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