How To Protect Trees In Your Yard: 4 Best Practices

Four Best Practices to Protect the Trees in Your Yard

Trees are living beings that require water, sunlight, and healthy soil. Like all plants under your care, you must protect the trees and maximize growth, strength, and beauty. Reach out to an Arborist in Fort Myers, Florida, for more information on protecting your trees. 

1: Plant Trees in Appropriate Areas

When planting young trees, or relocating a tree, location matters. Plan out where you want a tree before making a move. Ideally, the tree will have room for:

  • Roots to spread out and find access to groundwater
  • Branches to reach up towards the sun without fighting for light or falling into your neighbor’s yard. 
  • Adequate nutrient absorption 

Giving your trees ample space allows them to build up a tolerance to wind and gives them access to what they need to survive. 

2: Mitigate Physical Damage

Physical damage comes in many forms. Abusing your trees will shorten their lifespan and weaken them, making them more dangerous. You can enjoy your trees to the fullest without harming them by doing the following activities: 


Only put a swing in an established and healthy tree. Request an inspection to ensure your safety, and hang the swing on a branch with a diameter of 8 inches or more. 

Regularly check the rope to stop girdling, which happens when you wrap a rope or something similar tightly around a tree limb. As the tree grows, the rope cuts off nutrients to that limb.

Put rubber pads in between the rope and the limb to protect the bark from scraping off. This practice allows the tree to maintain its protective outer layer and inhibits infection. 


Always work with the tree when designing a tree house. Never carve deeply into the branches or tree trunks, as carving will open wounds that weaken the tree. 

Bolting a tree can cause damage, so use screws and bolts with care, and be aware of girdling if using ropes. The tree will compartmentalize this damage and grow around it to seal it off, but too much will weaken the limbs, and the tree may fall. 

3: Prevent Cold Damage

Mulch underneath the trees thoroughly every fall to inhibit damage to roots during cold weather. Mulch keeps the soil from drying and acts as insulation against the cold, which will protect the trees. 

Water the trees thoroughly and provide regular care throughout the year. The healthier a tree is before winter, the better it will survive and protect itself from cold damage. 

4: Contact Island Tree Service

Stop severe damage before it happens, and protect the trees in your yard for years. Contact out team today if you want to learn more about the trees in your yard and know the palm trees native to Florida

Learning more about your trees gives you the tools to protect them and help them thrive all year. Our professional team has years of experience and will help you with all your tree care needs. Contact Island Tree Service at (239) 463-5121 and receive a consultation in Fort Myers, FL. 

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