Tree Health Assessment: Coverage & When To Call An Arborist

Tree Health Assessment: What Does It Involve?

Tree health assessments help ensure healthy tree growth and beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, homeowners often neglect to assess the health of mature trees, believing fully grown trees require no additional maintenance. However, even trees over 20 years old require essential minerals, occasional watering, and a full tree health assessment by trained professionals. 

Contact trusted arborists in Fort Myers for more information about tree health assessment services. Customers often pay as little as $50 for tree health evaluations that extend trees’ lifespan and ensure your property’s safety. Certified arborists have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to perform tree health assessments, risk assessments, and tree trunk health evaluations guaranteed to help your trees thrive. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about tree health assessments. 

The Importance of Tree Health Inspections 

Tree health issues remain difficult to identify without the help of professionals. For example, included bark occurs when two nearby tree limbs form a weak “V” shaped branch union. Healthy branch connections resemble the shape of a “U” and indicate healthy tree growth. 

Certified arborists can quickly identify weak “V” shaped tree limbs and recommend prompt solutions. Before climbing your tree without the proper tools or equipment, take advantage of tree experts’ years of training and education. Other common signs of trees requiring a tree health assessment include the following: 

  • Subsidence 
  • Leaning 
  • Discolored leaves
  • Small holes and wood shavings 
  • Dead branches
  • Sprouts growing at the base of the tree 
  • Poor canopy growth 

Annual tree health assessments can save trees from rot damage, pest infestations, inclement weather conditions, and nutrient deficiencies. Many people only seek tree health assessments when trees show apparent signs of rot and decay. Experts recommend performing tree health assessments twice a year to avoid costly tree removal services. 

What To Expect: Tree Health Assessments 

Almost every professional arborist or tree service company offers tree health assessment services. In fact, tree health assessments remain one of the most affordable services provided by certified arborists. The preventative measures proposed in a tree health assessment closely relate to visiting the doctor for physicals and annual checkups. 

Don’t wait until your tree develops broken branches and cracked bark to seek tree health assessments. Weak branches overhanging public walkways present a severe hazard to pedestrians, homeowners, and property. The services included in tree health assessments include the following: 

Soil Testing 

Trees require essential vitamins and minerals to thrive. Phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium support healthy root systems, encourage new branch growth, and help trees recover from diseases and rot. If your soil lacks the proper nutrients, tree service professionals may recommend using slow-releasing fertilizers to give trees essential minerals. 

Trimming & Pruning 

Dead tree branches sap nutrients from healthier branches. Included bark, co-dominant stems, and epicormic growth result in tree branches competing for nutrients. Professional arborists use specific trimming and pruning techniques to ensure healthy tree growth, strong branch unions, and rich canopies. 

Risk Assessment 

You may also want a risk assessment during tree health assessments. Risk assessments identify problematic tree growth that may cause personal injuries or property damage. For example, co-dominant branches overhanging powerlines or public walkways pose a clear safety risk and require further action. 

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