How Long Will A Dead Tree Stand? Days, Months, Or Years?

How Long Will a Dead Tree Stand?

How long will a dead tree stand? There is no exact answer to this question, and your tree could remain standing for days or years. However, if your tree is dead, remove it as quickly as possible for your safety.

According to Fort Meyers’ certified arborist at Island Tree Service, removing your tree protects you and your home from damage and can improve your property values. Continue reading to learn what to do with a dead or dying tree.

Is Your Tree Dead? 

First, you must determine whether your tree is dead or dying. Understanding the difference can help you plan your next move. A dying tree may require some attention to get back to proper health.

How can you tell if your tree is dead? The following provides some signs that your tree remains incapable of healing:

  • The tree has multiple dead branches with no living growth on them.
  • You see large cracks in the trunk.
  • You notice severe peeling or a lack of bark on the trunk.
  • The “scratch” test: take a living twig and scratch off the bark. If you see green underneath the bark, the tree is living! If not, the tree is dead.

For a definitive answer, request help from a professional arborist. These professionals have experience in tree care and can determine your tree’s health.

A dying tree may have a new chance at life if properly cared for. Contact a local tree care team for water schedules, feeding requirements, and more. They’ll let you know if a tree can heal or needs removal.

What Do I Do with a Dead Tree?

Dead trees, or more specifically, decaying trees, can fall at any time due to root decay, causing severe injury or property damage. They can become a major safety risk and must receive professional care. A mature tree can weigh thousands of pounds, and dead branches may fall unsuspectingly.

How long will a dead tree stand? There’s no definitive answer to this question. In the forest, a dead tree may stand for decades and become a home and food source for birds, insects, and other animals.

Why Must I Remove a Dead Tree?

Tree damage can destroy your property, harm your family, or fall into electrical lines. Immediate removal is essential for your and your neighbor’s safety. One storm can cause a tree to crash, costing thousands of dollars in repairs.

How Do I Remove a Dead Tree?

Never try to remove a mature tree by yourself. Dead trees react unexpectedly and may cause severe injury or damage. Always request help from certified professionals, and stay away from the tree.

Keep cars, toys, and pets away from the dead tree until professional help arrives. Falling wood debris can harm your pets, property, or children without warning. Decay happens randomly depending on environmental factors, so there is no guarantee your tree will stand for any length of time.

Do I Have Any Other Options? 

For your safety, you must remove a dead tree immediately. However, if the tree is far away from buildings, people, power lines, and anything else that could receive damage, you can ask your professional’s opinion. If other options exist, your expert will explain and guide you in the right direction.

Contact Island Tree Service 

If you have further questions about removing your tree, ask our team how to remove roots above ground

How long will a dead tree stand? While no one knows the exact answer, it’s best not to risk your home and safety. Removing a dead tree requires experience, expertise, and several professional tools.

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