Signs Of Tree Borer Damage + 4 Treatment & Prevention Tips

Preventing Tree Borer Damage: Four Tips

Tree borers can wreak havoc over time, reducing their appearance, structure, and overall well-being. Many Fort Myers, FL, residents want to find a way to curb tree borer damage and prevent future infestations. Fortunately, Island Tree Service put together some helpful tips and tricks to eliminate tree borers swiftly and efficiently.

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Four Tips to Prevent Tree Borer Damage

Tree borers are troublesome pests that nest within trees and feast on their structure. They cause extensive damage and can even kill the tree during severe infestations. Fortunately, you can prevent tree borer damage with the following tips.

Use Systemic Insecticides

Systemic insecticides are one of the best ways to eliminate tree borers and other pests like spotted lanternflies. Simply apply the insecticide to the tree’s base and give the plant time to absorb it. This method is effective in targeting various pests that can harm your trees. Once absorbed, the insecticide spreads to the tree’s leaves, branches, and trunk, making it toxic to tree borers and other pests.

High-quality insecticides will also prevent future infestations without adversely affecting the tree’s health or growth.

Routine Tree Care

Most tree borers target weak and stressed trees that have already experienced damage. Keeping up with your tree’s maintenance demands will prevent infestations while ensuring your plant remains healthy and strong. Regularly watering the tree and applying fertilizer will keep the it alluring and pristine, decreasing the likelihood of infestations.

Routine tree care is a fantastic preventive treatment and will keep your exterior property looking amazing year-round.

Plant Tree Borer-Resistant Species

Some tree species are less prone to tree borer infestations than others. Planting resistant trees will decrease the chances of wood borer damage and ensure the trees remain pest-free. It’s best to research various tree borer-resistant trees that grow in your area and consider adding them to your property.

Prevent Tree Damage

Again, tree borers only infest weak and damaged trees. Preventing damage will impede infestations and help your trees thrive. Instead of mowing around your trees, use a weed eater to cut the grass and reduce damage.

If you accidentally harm your tree, use wound paint to accelerate healing and prevent further damage.

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