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Can You Plant Trees in Spring?

Spring often brings warm and sunny weather that’s perfect for gardening and other outdoor activities. Although many people know that spring is a great time to plant flowers and crops, some don’t know if they can plant trees as well. So, can you plant trees in spring?

To help you figure out if you can plant trees in spring, Island Tree Service created a short guide explaining the process.

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How to Plant Trees in Spring: Best Practices

So, can you plant trees in spring? Of course!

Spring is one of the best seasons to grow trees, veggies, flowers, and other plants that improve your home’s curb appeal. The lukewarm temperatures and excess sunlight provide optimal conditions for trees to grow before winter kicks in. That said, spring planting isn’t a cakewalk and can create numerous obstacles for new gardeners.

However, if you use the tips below, you keep your young trees healthy and attractive throughout the spring season.

Find a Favorable Planting Spot

Your tree’s location can make all the difference in plant and root growth. Trees need full to partial sunlight (depending on the species), moist soil with adequate drainage, and plenty of space to grow well. Also, you want to avoid planting trees close to objects that might obstruct sunlight.

Try to find a sunny place with high-quality soil to ensure your tree grows throughout spring and summer.

Water Consistently

Most trees need tons of water to grow health and strong roots. They typically demand more water than other plants and will wilt and even die without adequate watering. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to base your tree’s water requirements on its truck’s diameter. For example, if your tree’s trunk is three inches in diameter, it needs six to eight gallons of water per day. 

However, many inexperienced gardens tend to overwater their tree seedlings. This can create root rot that kills the tree prematurely. 

To avoid overwatering, place one of your fingers two to three inches in the soil to check the soil’s moisture level. If it feels damp, give the tree time to absorb the water. If it feels dry, give the tree some water.

Different types of soils have various drainage capabilities, so also check the soil’s moisture levels before watering your young trees.

Maintain the Tree and Soil

Fertilizing the soil and pruning damaged and decaying branches is a surefire way to maintain your young tree’s health. Placing compost around the tree’s base and covering it with mulch will provide the nutrients the tree needs while helping the soil retain moisture.

Pruning will also promote growth by giving healthy limbs more nutrients. It will also improve the tree’s appearance, allowing it to elevate your lawn’s appearance without requiring you to jump through unnecessary hoops.

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