How Often To Water Trees In Summer: Essential Watering Tips

How Often to Water Trees in the Summer

Whether you just planted a new sapling or want to properly support an older tree, you need some basic guidance on how often to water trees in summer. The hot temperatures and periods without precipitation can wreak havoc on all plant life. As Estero’s trusted tree service provider, we at Island Tree Service offer some simple guidelines to help you keep your trees healthy.  

Basic Summer Watering Practices

Your watering practices may vary depending on the tree’s age and when you planted it. Regular watering sessions encourage strong root growth in all trees. Though some need more help than others.

Freshly Planted Trees

Newly planted trees, regardless of their age, need more water than established trees. The tree roots have not yet dug into the soil. Without frequent watering, they can become unstable and unable to uptake nutrients regardless of the soil type. 

Provide these trees with ten gallons of water each week. After six months, extend the circumference of your watering area to encourage the roots to reach outward. Maintain moist soil with supplemental water for the first year or two. 

Established Trees

The watering schedule depends on the tree’s age. Most established trees can handle monthly watering sessions. Water slowly to ensure the moisture penetrates deep within the settled soil. 

How Often to Water Trees in Summer by Age

Figuring out how often to water trees in summer based on their age is a little more technical. The following guide can help you develop a watering schedule based on the tree’s age. However, you may need to alter your schedule depending on factors like rain or drought. 

Saplings to Three Years

Trees under three years old are vulnerable to long summer days with constant heat and sunlight. They need at least ten gallons of water each week. You can provide two gallons of water for five days each week to spread the watering schedule out and keep the soil moist. 

Three to Five Years

Once a tree reaches three years of age, you can cut back on watering. Rather than weekly or daily watering sessions, try watering the tree every other week. If the tree adapts, you can cut back further to once every two or three weeks. 

Five to Ten Years

When a tree reaches five years of age, you can cut back on watering significantly unless a drought grips your location. Water the tree thoroughly in the spring to help it gather the nutrients needed to come out of dormancy and grow. Then, monitor the tree and water it monthly as needed. 

Explore Tree Health Solutions with Island Tree Service

Watering trees can be a risky business for people who are unfamiliar with appropriate watering habits. Figuring out how often to water trees in summer may seem like a trial. At Island Tree Service, our certified arborist will help you stay on top of tree health and maintenance effortlessly.

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