How Do I Treat Yellow Leaves On My Palm Tree? Expert Tips

How Do I Treat Yellow Leaves on My Palm Tree?

Nothing symbolizes Florida’s sunny paradise better than palm trees. Their towering height and beautiful green leaves add a majestic appeal to any property. However, your lush green palm tree will be far from appealing if its swaying leaves turn brown or yellow.

How do I treat yellow leaves on my palm tree? Read on to learn what causes yellowing leaves, how to treat them, and how Estero’s expert tree service at Island Tree Service could help.

how do i treat yellow leaves on my palm tree

Why Are My Planted Palm Trees Turning Yellow?

Palm trees are quite resilient, and they have to be in order to thrive in hot, dry landscapes. However, they are not invincible. Some things can cause the health of your palm trees to deteriorate, which often results in yellowing leaves.

Here are a few common causes of yellowing palm tree leaves in Estero and the surrounding areas:


As your tree grows older, its old fronds naturally turn yellow and fall off. If most of the fronds on your trees are still green, this isn’t a problem.


Yellowing leaves can sometimes be a side effect of infestations, like ants.

Insufficient Nutrients

Your palm trees need plenty of potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, and phosphorus to thrive. Any deficiency can spell trouble. For instance, a magnesium deficiency will cause frond tips to turn bright yellow.


Yes, there is such a thing as too much water for your Florida palm trees. Overwatering turns leaves yellow or brown.

How Do I Treat Yellow Leaves on My Palm Tree?

Yellowing leaves can be worrying. However, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have to cut down your tree; the situation is still salvageable. If you’re still wondering how to treat yellow leaves on a palm tree, the brief guide below describes how professionals do it.

Perform a Soil Test

A soil test determines soil moisture and reveals any nutrient deficiencies. A trained arborist can handle this for you and pinpoint the exact problem with your palm tree.

Apply Fertilizer

Applying a slow-release fertilizer will replenish the soil where nutrients are missing. The results of the test should guide you in this endeavor.

Maintain a Regular Fertilization Schedule

Applying fertilizer once won’t do the trick, no matter how effective a local garden center says it is. An arborist can help you create and maintain a regular fertilization schedule (at least three or four times a year in Estero).

Check for Signs of Pests

Are there signs of pests or fungi? Look for root decay, withering leaves, and sticky film on your palm’s fronds.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Call a Certified Arborist 

Growing palm trees native to Florida isn’t always easy without the right balance. Are you still asking yourself, “How do I treat yellow leaves on my palm tree?” It’s time to call a professional tree care team!

A Top-Notch Professional Tree Service in Estero, FL

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