Rotten Tree Trunk: Tree Decay Treatment, Signs & Prevention

Can You Treat a Rotten Tree Trunk?

Can a rotten tree trunk heal? The short answer is that it’s unlikely, and you will need to remove the tree. 

Still, Island Tree Service, Estero’s reliable tree services, explains more about internal rot below if you want to explore ways to potentially save your tree.  

rotten tree trunk

Is Trunk Rot Serious?

Trunk rot is a serious condition often found in a diseased tree. If you know anything about how trees function, you’ll understand that the trunk is critical to the plant. It holds up the branches. It also transports nutrients, moisture, and energy between the roots and canopy.

That’s why any tree decay of fungal conks in this area will pose a significant risk to your tree. Can you cut out the section or clean out the cavity? Let’s examine this in greater detail. 

Can You Repair a Rotten Tree Trunk? 

Cutting out any section of a rotten tree trunk is a bad idea as it makes the tree more vulnerable to further infection. Even with proper wound sealing, the tree’s state will make it difficult to recover. Additionally, the practice of wound sealing isn’t as effective as you think, as much of the bacteria comes from the tools you use during the cutting phase.

Also, the chances of getting out every bit of the fungal infection are very low. Not only is the tree reeling from the infection, but it also has to heal the cuts. The tree works via compartmentalization, so cutting off a large trunk section could be to the tree’s detriment.

Rot often goes a lot deeper, especially when it results from a weakened state in the tree itself. For example, if the tree is old or sick and unable to fight the infection, stopping the rot may prove impossible.

What Should You Do for Rotting Trees?

Whenever there’s rot or disease involved, your first step should be to call in an expert who can address the issue. If you notice an abnormal growth or soft spots in the trunk, contact local tree experts like Island Tree Service for a risk evaluation. 

The evaluation checks the extent of the damage and sees whether your tree is salvageable. If not, the team will usually recommend removing the tree safely before it crashes down on its own. However, if the tree’s saveable, we’ll advise the following strategy: 

  • Don’t mess with the rot if the area is small enough. The tree might still be able to excise the decay by growing new tissue. 
  • Start a careful nutrient program. We’ll test the soil to check for nutrient deficiencies and ensure your tree has enough water. We then advise you on how to properly support the tree going forward. 
  • We may recommend mulching the ground around the tree to maintain the soil’s moisture content and protect the soil from the sun. 

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