What To Do When A Branch Breaks Off A Tree? Arborist Guide

What To Do When a Branch Breaks off a Tree

So many people want to know what to do when a branch breaks off a tree but don’t know where to start. In this post, Island Tree Service, your reliable provider of tree service in Estero, FL, explains your next steps after a branch breaks. 

what to do when a branch breaks off a tree

Start by Assessing the Tree Damage

Take a look at the broken limbs and answer these questions: 

  • Are any of the biggest branches broken?
  • Is the damage severe?
  • Is the tree itself damaged, or does it have a big gaping wound? 
  • Is there any part of the branch still attached? 
  • Can you move the branches and repair the damage? 

If you’re unsure, call us. 

Remove the Branches on the Ground

If you’re wondering what to do when a branch breaks off a tree, the next step is to remove any wood on the ground. Clearing it away is important for good tree health, as the dead wood may carry diseases, bacteria, or fungi. You don’t want that spreading to the bark.  

Start Pruning

Your next step is to prune small broken branches for tree safety. If big limbs are hanging by a thread, cut these away carefully. For bigger breaks that seem secure or anything overhanging a power line, get help. 

If the branch broke in half, you don’t have to remove the whole thing. Simply cut it off just before the break. You must, however, get rid of the dead wood to prevent the decay from spreading. 

You don’t have to worry about reattaching the branches because they’re unlikely to heal. Even if they do, they’re never as strong again. Good tree care etiquette suggests it’s not worth the effort because it places extra stress on the tree. 

Check for Further Damage

You’ll also want to check the bark all over for dings and scratches. Clean up the area around the wound by removing any torn bark. Smoothing the edges is all your tree needs you to do. They’ll heal the area without you using any type of sealant. 

If there’s significant damage, like a long, vertical crack in the trunk, call an arborist immediately. These types of cracks are tough on the tree, and you’ll need expert help if you want it to survive. 

What to Do if There’s Major Damage

If there are many branches that break, call the professionals. While it may look like the tree’s going to die, an arborist may be able to save it. In cases where you can’t do anything, cutting away the damage may be dangerous. Therefore, it’s best to leave tree removal to the experts. 

Call Us for Expert Advice

Island Tree Service is your go-to team when you have any issues to do with your trees. Now that you know what to do when a branch breaks off a tree, ask us any further questions, like, “How long will a dead tree stand?”

Alternatively, call Island Tree Service at (239) 463-5121 to schedule service and professional tree care. 

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