Who Removes Fallen Trees In Fort Myers, FL? A Complete Guide

Who Removes Fallen Trees in Fort Myers, FL?  

Trees fall for various reasons, from natural decline and infection to poor cutting and pruning techniques. Sometimes, a tree will collapse because of strong winds, lightning, or other harsh weather. In this case, fallen trees often need prompt removal, especially if they damage property, fall on a power line, or cause injury. 

Who removes fallen trees? As top-rated tree service experts in Fort Myers, FL, we’ll explore the responsibility surrounding who removes trees and when to do it.

Who Is Responsible for Removing a Fallen Tree?  

Two primary factors matter when trying to determine the party responsible for a fallen tree: The tree owner and the owner of the property where the tree has fallen.

Do you own a tree? If it falls on your land, then its removal or arrangement for its removal falls on you.

If a tree falls on your property but originally stood on public land or in a neighbor’s yard, you should liaise with the appropriate property owner for its removal. While you will probably play some part in the tree’s removal, experts advise never to remove a third party’s tree from your land without their express permission, preferably in writing.

Who Pays to Remove the Fallen Tree?  

The reason for the tree falling is key. For example, if a tree falls due to negligence on the owner’s part, the owner will bear full responsibility for the costs involved in the tree’s removal. They will also be responsible for paying for any resulting damage.

However, if a healthy tree falls because of inclement weather (a storm, high winds, or lightning), the property owner may claim for its removal and the repair costs through their insurer. This is often the case when a tree falls on a house or vehicle.

Preventive Tree Care  

So, do you know who removes fallen trees in your area? If not, it helps to take a proactive approach and get contact details for safekeeping. Proper tree care and maintenance also matter in terms of liability. The tree’s care could be a determining factor in the party liable for the cost if a tree falls and the associated damage.  

Consider Hiring a Tree Service Company  

You should also check your trees regularly and have a certified arborist inspect them every so often. An expert like Island Tree Service will easily pinpoint symptoms of old age, weakness, diseases, or decay that could potentially lead to the tree falling, especially after inclement weather.

If you need to remove a fallen tree, expert help is essential. Whether you own or manage a residential or commercial property, it is your responsibility to ensure safe tree removal. That means hiring a tree service company with a certified arborist or tree surgeon on staff who has specialized equipment and plenty of experience working on trees.

Who Removes Fallen Trees Between Neighbors?

The property owner onto which the tree falls has a responsibility for the fallen tree. However, that doesn’t mean they incur the cost of removal. If the tree owner neglected the tree, a relevant authority might ask them to pay for the removal and other damages instead.

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