Decaying Tree - Reasons Why It Is Dangerous For Your Yard

Understanding the Dangers of a Decaying Tree in Your Yard

Why should you remove a decaying tree as soon as possible? In this post, Island Tree Service, your expert tree service in Estero, FL, explains the danger of leaving dead wood lying around. 

decaying tree

Danger to People

Backyard trees are sturdy when they’re healthy, but they must still withstand the weather.  A dead tree has none of its natural defenses available to it. As the tree dries out and decays, it’s unable to hold up the branches anymore. 

How long this takes depends on the tree species, but tree diseases like white rot speed up the process. If a branch comes crashing down on a person, they can sue you. You’ll be liable for medical bills and lost wages, and, depending on the court, possibly punitive damages as well. 

Possible Damage to Power Lines

If the tree’s near a power line, you must take care. If the tree topples or a branch knocks the line, it can cause a severe outage. Should the cable snap, there’s the added risk of live electricity lines on the road. 

You may also get into trouble with the power company, and they have deep pockets for lawyers.

Potential Property Damage

A decaying tree is dangerous to any property nearby. The branches are brittle and can snap easily, meaning inclement weather can turn every branch into a projectile. A strong gust of wind could send the limb flying through a window or even topple the tree onto your house. 

The repair costs can run into the thousands, and your insurer might deny any claims because it was negligent not to remove the tree or undertake preventative pruning. 

What Are the Warning Signs? 

Your best defense is to stay vigilant. If you see any of the following, call us to prevent potential tree damage: 

  • Are there many dead branches, and are they still attached? If they’re tangled up in the other branches, they’re a significant hazard because the wind could dislodge them. 
  • Is the tree leaning strongly suddenly? If so, something’s likely wrong with the roots, meaning the tree could topple at any time. 
  • Are there cracks or visible signs of decay in or on the trunk? Cankers indicate that a fungal infection is out of control, while vertical cracks make the tree dangerous. 

What to Do

You know your trees well enough to spot when something is out of whack. If you suspect that there’s an issue, call in the professionals for a proper evaluation. The consultation fee is far less expensive than settling a lawsuit or repairing your property. It’s also a small price to pay to avert a tragedy. 

Let us come and take a look and advise you of your next steps so you can prevent tree damage. 

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