What Is Tree Surgery, & When Is It Necessary In Fort Myers?

What Is Tree Surgery and When Is It Necessary in Fort Myers, FL?  

Most people assume that tree surgery and tree removal refer to the same thing. However, tree surgery involves more than merely removing trees. It plays a critical role in tree care and landscape maintenance, especially in an environmentally conscious city like Fort Myers.  

A tree surgeon or certified arborist uses various techniques to keep trees healthy and beautiful. As tree service experts in Fort Myers, FL, we at Island Tree Service explore tree surgery and highlight its significance in preserving the environment. 

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What Is Tree Surgery?  

Tree surgery involves various techniques to care for and keep trees healthy. These techniques typically form part of a tree care maintenance plan and help landowners fulfill their duty of care to their trees. 

Types of Tree Surgery 

Tree surgeons perform various tasks for which they possess specialized skills and qualifications.  

Crown Lifting  

This technique involves removing some of a tree’s lower branches to lift the height of the crown’s base. Tree surgeons often carry out crown lifting as part of general tree maintenance.   

A crown lift allows more light to access an area, improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians, and makes the tree more aesthetically pleasing. You may also need crown lifting to provide more space at the bottom of the tree for easy access.  

Crown Reduction  

Tree surgeons often must trim and cut back your tree to lower the risk of the tree developing rot or disease and ensure it remains healthy. 

The process involves removing dead wood and crossover branches to keep the tree tidy, healthy, and presentable while helping to minimize the risk of infection. Crown reduction makes your overall tree canopy smaller and lowers the risk of property damage as well.  

Tree Felling and Removal  

Tree surgery also involves tree removal. While removing a tree may seem counterintuitive, some instances make it necessary.   

For example, dead, diseased, or decaying trees can pose significant safety hazards to people and property, and in such cases, you need a tree surgeon’s expertise to ensure safe and efficient tree removal.  

Tree Pruning  

Pruning primarily aims to remove dead or overgrown tree branches. Pruning stimulates healthy growth and development by removing unnecessary branches. This tree surgery technique also lowers the risk of a dead branch destroying property or a tree developing a harmful disease.  

Tree Stump and Root Removal 

Tree removal often leaves a stump sticking out like a sore thumb in your landscape. To solve this, tree surgeons provide stump grinding or stump and root removal services. Reach out to your tree care experts to explore your options.  


Pollarding involves removing a tree’s minor limbs and branches, leaving only major limbs and the trunk. The process stimulates new growth and gives the tree a more manicured appearance.  

Tree Planting   

Many tree surgeons also plant trees, helping landowners choose the proper tree species for their respective locations, climates, and soil conditions. They can plant semi-mature or completely mature trees.  

The Bottom Line  

Tree surgery finds relevance in various situations. Whether it’s a public park, private garden, or commercial property in Fort Myers, well-maintained trees add to the charm of the environment. A tree surgeon uses their expertise to ensure safe and effective results.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Not every tree service company has a passion for arboriculture. At Island Tree Service, we strive for excellence. Count on our dedicated crew for various tree health and landscaping services, including:  

  • Tree removal and stump grinding  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Plant health care  
  • Emergency storm service  

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