Do Tree Roots Grow Back If You Cut Them In Cape Coral, FL?

Do Tree Roots Grow Back If You Cut Them in Cape Coral, FL?

Do tree roots grow back if you cut them? Whether you have intrusive growths threatening your property’s foundation or unsightly surface roots marring your garden aesthetic, it’s a question that warrants a nuanced answer.

As the go-to tree removal service in Cape Coral, we at Island Tree Services know much about arboreal behavior and have insights that could save you a lot of time and hassle. 

Regrowth of Cut Tree Roots

Can pruned tree roots regenerate? It really depends on what type of root you cut. If you harm the tap root or main anchoring roots, the consequences could range from stunted growth to the tree’s ultimate demise. 

Smaller, secondary structures will likely grow back over time, but we don’t recommend pruning without considering the specimen’s overall health. Roots serve as the lifelines of our leafy friends, acting not just as anchors but also as the major channels for water and nutrient uptake.

Properly Cutting Tree Roots and Subsequent Growth

Do tree roots grow back if you cut them? Protect your specimen and its surroundings from unintended harm by doing your due diligence:

Never Remove Over 1/3 of Anchoring Roots

Anchoring roots bring structural support and create a network of smaller roots, so even removing one can throw the entire tree’s stability into jeopardy.

Check the trunk for root flare by removing some of the soil and vegetation. The bulges you see indicate where anchoring roots typically emerge.

The Farther You Cut From the Trunk, the Better

Roots growing close to the trunk are likely integral to the tree’s vitality. A good rule of thumb for specimens over 15 feet means never removing roots within five feet of the trunk or those larger the two inches in diameter.

If you have a fairly young tree under 15 feet tall, don’t cut within two feet of the trunk or roots larger than a pencil’s thickness.

Check for Risk Factors

Is your tree currently plagued with infestations or battling disease? Do you have nearby construction that might affect root health? A weak plant becomes far more susceptible to issues post-root cutting. 

Improving Tree Root Resilience After Cutting

If you want to help improve the rejuvenation of trimmed tree roots, you can:

  • Provide supplemental watering, especially during prolonged droughts. Cover the whole drip line or the ground area beneath the outermost circumference of the canopy.
  • Spread a thin layer of organic mulch around the base to maintain soil moisture and protect the roots from extreme temperature fluctuations and weed growth.
  • Use stakes and cables to support trees under 15 feet tall.
  • Provide fertilizer when necessary.

Consult a Local Arborist

Do tree roots grow back if you cut them? The impact of root pruning on tree health is nuanced and varies widely by scenario. If you feel overwhelmed and need a helping hand, our specialists at Island Tree Services have you covered.

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