Will An Overwatered Tree Recover In Fort Myers, FL?

Will an Overwatered Tree Recover in Fort Myers, FL?

It’s common knowledge that trees are living organisms that require water to grow and thrive. However, many people are surprised to learn that there are correct and incorrect ways to water trees. Oversaturating trees can be a problem, but will an overwatered tree recover from the excess moisture?

Island Tree Service is a top-rated tree service in Fort Myers, FL. Our experienced staff regularly sees the effects of overwatering trees. Here’s what we have to say about reviving trees from overwatering.

will an overwatered tree recover

What Overwatering Can Do to a Tree

Too much water can be detrimental to trees. Excess soil moisture makes it harder for the tree roots to get enough oxygen. Without constant access to oxygen, the plants can experience stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and eventually death. 

The extra water in the soil can also cause the following problems:

  • Root rot
  • Algae growths
  • Fungal growths
  • Mold colonies

Can Overwatered Trees Bounce Back?

Newly planted trees often need more water than mature trees to maintain healthy growth. Yet, accidental overwatering is possible, regardless of the tree’s age. 

Will an overwatered tree recover? It is possible to revive a tree after it experiences overwatering due to persistent rainfall, severe storms, and incorrect lawn sprinkler settings.

The trees’ recovery depends on how fast you act to reduce the plants’ water exposure. If you do nothing or wait too long to address the problem, your trees’ health will decline. This could severely impact your landscape’s appearance and possibly its safety.

3 Tips for Helping Trees Recover From Excess Water

If you’re ready to take charge of your property’s tree health, follow these tips to minimize the damage from overwatering your trees. 

1. Limit Water Supply

Though there’s not much you can do to stop precipitation from saturating the soil around your property, you can limit how much water you directly contribute to your land. If you suspect your trees are getting too much water, turn off your sprinkler system for a few days. This will help the water deep in the soil evaporate or get absorbed by your yard’s plants, trees, and shrubs. 

If you’re watering your trees by hand, take a break for a couple of days. The trees’ roots need time to dry out so they can absorb nutrients from the soil properly.

2. Address Drainage Problems

Pooling water around a tree could indicate a soil drainage problem. Aerating your lawn to reduce compaction and encourage deep saturation can improve drainage. 

Installing a French drain may be necessary for problematic lawns with lots of pooling. You could also consider relocating a tree from a wet area to another spot with better drainage.

3. Remove Mulch Around the Tree

The mulch around your tree retains water, which is great if your trees don’t have enough exposure to natural rainfall. However, if the plants get too much water, you should remove the mulch. This temporary action gives the soil enough time to dry out.

How to Spot Signs of Tree Overwatering and Underwatering

Before you start watering your trees, look for these common signs of overwatering:

  • Wilted leaves
  • Root rot
  • Unusual gummy residue on the leaves
  • Overly soggy soil
  • Yellowing leaves

Trust the Experts with Recovery of Overwatered Trees

Will an overwatered tree recover? The answer depends on several factors, including how fast you address the excess water in the soil and who you call for professional assistance. 

Residents of Fort Myers, Florida put their trust in Island Tree Service for overwatered tree rehabilitation. Our crew of tree care experts has plenty of tree care experience, from restoring trees after overwatering to knowing summer watering best practices. We also provide a wide range of essential tree care services. Call (239) 463-5121 today to request an appointment.

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