How Pros Handle Hazardous Tree Removal In Cape Coral, FL

How Pros Handle Hazardous Tree Removal in Cape Coral, FL

Sometimes, trees are too dangerous to keep on your property. However, despite posing a serious threat to people and property, the process of hazardous tree removal requires very careful planning. Otherwise, there’s a risk to the tree care crew, the property’s residents, buildings, and even passersby. 

Dangerous tree removal is a specialty job for professionals like Island Tree Service. When the team tackles professional tree removal in Cape Coral, Florida, there’s a tried-and-tested process that the family-owned and operated tree service abides by. Learn more below.

What Makes a Tree Dangerous?

Once-beautiful, healthy trees can become dangerous for several reasons. Think of the following concerns:

  • Excess height
  • Bad structure
  • Poor health
  • Weakness after a big storm or years of exposure to the elements

Consider a tree with weak or decaying branches. During a storm, won’t those limbs just break off? There’ll be trouble if anything falls onto a vehicle or home, let alone a person.

Know Whether Your Tree Is Potentially Hazardous Before Getting Help To Remove It

If you want to know if your tree is hazardous, hiring an arborist makes it easy to assess the situation. Still, you might also notice the severity of your tree’s condition from these signs:

  • A sudden, significant lean
  • Signs of rotting like unusual growths, leaf discoloration, and branch die-back
  • White ants eating the heartwood
  • Multiple or expanding trunk cavities

Arborist Tips When Handling Risk-Prone Tree Removals

Tree care experts like Island Tree Service follow these tips to ensure everyone’s safety and effective hazardous tree removal:

Put on Safety Gear

A successful tree removal in unsafe conditions always starts with the right safety gear. The tree removal crew will wear thick gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, long-sleeve shirts, and slip-resistant footwear to protect them against scraps, bruises, and falls.

Partner With a Team

Dangerous tree removal is never a one-person job and requires at least one spotter to monitor the tree while another person cuts the pieces. Working with an experienced crew makes things easier, as someone will notice a premature tree fall and ensure everyone gets out of the way in time. The team will also mark a felling zone so that it’s clear where the tree should fall. 

Check for Power Lines

Dealing with hazardous trees might need to wait close to active power lines. Before removing hazardous trees, a careful tree care team will alert the local electric company to de-energize the area. The removal process is much less risky that way.

Get Reliable Hazardous Tree Extraction From Island Tree Service

An outright fall is one of the main dangers of a decaying tree or severely tilted one, so why wait for that to happen on your property in Cape Coral, Florida? Island Tree Service’s hazardous tree removal service comes from an ISA-certified arborist and a licensed and insured company. We provide a wide range of services, from tree removal to land clearing. 

We’re local experts with ample knowledge about Cape Coral’s environmental conditions, which helps us provide you with the best tree care services! Request a free estimate with Island Tree Service today at (239) 463-5121.

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