Can Trees Recover From Herbicide Damage In Cape Coral, FL?

Can Trees Recover From Herbicide Damage in Cape Coral, FL?

Cape Coral trees are mighty and strong, but one of their biggest weaknesses is herbicide. If any of your trees come in contact with herbicides, they can experience damage, sometimes beyond repair. Is there anything you can do to help them? Can trees recover from herbicide damage? Let’s start at the beginning.

can trees recover from herbicide damage

What Are Herbicides?

Homeowners with unwanted plants and weeds use herbicides to get rid of them. These chemicals prevent weed and plant growth in an effort to make your property’s landscapes look neat and manicured.

Unfortunately, if any of the herbicide comes in contact with a tree’s root system, it could cause lasting damage or even kill them. Some herbicides are plant-specific and some just kill whatever greenery they touch, and that could be fatal to your trees. 

Using herbicides is sometimes necessary to rid your lawn of pesky weeds, but it needs to be used responsibly. 

Herbicide Damage and Tree Health

It can be hard to identify herbicide damage to a tree. There are some distinct visual signs that suggest the lack of tree resilience to herbicides.

  • Discolored leaves
  • Brown dead spots on leaves
  • Not growing normally
  • Curling leaves

Can trees recover from herbicide damage? Contact a Cape Coral arborist to get a tree health diagnosis to find out. If the news is bad, call a tree expert for tree removal service in Cape Coral.

Alternative to Herbicides for Tree Health

Herbicides can have a devastating effect on your trees, but you can prevent it by not using harsh chemicals and doing things the old-fashioned way.

Some alternative methods to herbicides are:


Mulch can naturally help prevent weed growth. Another benefit of mulching around your plants and trees is that if you use organic mulch, it will break down and feed the soil, which makes for better growth.

Weeding By Hand

You don’t need to use chemicals if you’re pulling weeds out of the ground with your own two hands. It may take longer, but you’ll feel the satisfaction of completing the chore knowing your trees are safe from harmful herbicides.

Ground Cover Plants

By placing dense plants in your landscape, you can effectively “smother” weeds and prevent their growth or at least reduce it. You’ll need to keep on top of your weeding to keep your yard weed-free. 

Tree Survival After Herbicide Exposure

If it was caught in time, there’s a possibility of rehabilitation of trees after herbicide damage. You’ll need to take care of them while they’re recovering from herbicide injury. Make sure they’re getting plenty of water, especially if you’re in a region like Cape Coral that’s arid and known for periods of drought.

Can trees recover from herbicide damage in Cape Coral, FL? It all depends on the age of a tree, the damage, and its health before it was exposed.

Protect Your Trees From the Dangers of Herbicide Exposure

Do you need a tree specialist to mitigate possible herbicide exposure for your trees? Call Island Tree Service in Cape Coral, FL, at (239) 463-5121 to schedule a consultation for overcoming herbicide effects on trees.

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